About JX Crystals

JX Crystals is a spinoff from Boeing, where world-record solar and thermophotovoltaic results were achieved. Now, developing technologies in tandem with Army Research Labs,  
JX Crystals is dedicated to pushing the envelope of the energy frontier. 

Expanding the Frontier of Energy

JX Crystals develops thermophotovoltaic cells, a technology with an incredible amount of untapped potential. Here heat alone is used to generate energy, using devices that are quiet, light-weight, and sturdy.

With energy lost constantly to heat in factories, in homes, and around the world, thermophotovoltaics can aid in the global effort to maximize energy efficiency.

Current Projects

JX Crystals is developing multiple applications for this exciting technology, for customers, institutions, and businesses alike. These include, but are in no way limited to:

Generate electricity portably, silently, and with weather and time flexibility. 

Receive energy from distant locations, including outer space, via laser. 

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